Vimago Imaging Referral Request

This is only a form to request an appointment, not to book an appointment. A member of our staff will contact you your clinic to confirm your scheduled appointment.

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HDVI Scan (CT Scan)    Fluoroscopy    Other (specify)

Dental (No Contrast)
Skull (Contrast - oral cavity, middle and inner ear, nasal cavity, brain)
Subcutaneous Mass
Other (specify)

  I understand that all imaging referral cases will be directed back to the referring veterinarian listed on this form for ongoing care and treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: general anesthesia is required for most Vimago studies - all patients will receive a complete physical examination and pre-anesthetic blood work prior to proceeding - in the event that an animal is not a candidate for anesthesia, the procedure may be cancelled or re-scheduled.
Thank-you for your referral! A client service representative will contact your hospital once this request has been reviewed by one of our veterinarians.


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